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Please note: Leveling/placement is determined by GDS instructors and staff and will be based on each student’s age and ability level. Please see "Dress Code Requirements" available at the studio, for more information on required attire.

Class Styles/Ages:
18mo - ­2 years ­ Mommy & Me
2­ - 5 years ­ Combination Ballet & Tap, Princess Ballet, Hippity Hop
5 years & Up ­ Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre & Contemporary

Group Dance and Musical Theatre Classes are offered for ages 18 months to adult, beginning to advanced students. Styles include: Mommy & Me, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary & Musical Theatre.

Private Lessons offered to all ages and levels: various styles of dance, musical theatre and music are scheduled based on teacher and studio availability. Call to schedule.

Music Lessons offered for ages 5 through adult include: One­on­one lessons in Piano, Voice, Ukulele, Violin and Guitar may be scheduled in our on­site, private music room.

Wedding Prep Lessons are available by appointment to prepare you for your big day. Call for schedule and pricing.

Advance appointments are required to book all lessons. Each new student will receive one free trial lesson. Leveling will be determined during the student’s trial lesson based on teacher recommendation and director approval. Please call the studio to book your appointment today 818-­846-­4390.

MOMMY & ME (ages 18 months - 2) is a class geared to the tiny tot in your home. Our mommy and me class is a ballet based, creative movement class that introduces dance and music to children ages 18 months to two years. Parent can expect to take an active role in this class as their child learns and grows in a new stimulating classroom environment. This is a great way to introduce basic movement and class structure before transitioning to an independent dance class.

KINDER­DANCE & PRE­BALLET/PRE­TAP (ages 2 - ­6) combination classes include the fundamentals in ballet, tap, and creative movement. Young dancers will be introduced to the wonderful world of dance as staff incorporates magical imagery, dance games and props to evoke creativity and enthusiasm.

TRIPLE THREAT (ages 5 & up) is a Musical Theatre Class geared towards the aspiring performer ages 6 and up. This is a fresh and unique approach to musical theatre galore. Triple Threat is a fun and interactive class that includes acting, singing and dancing. Many styles of theatre will be covered.

BALLET (ages 2 & up) is the foundation of all kinds of dance. A strong base in ballet is an important building block in the growth and development of other forms of dance. Ballet is offered for ages 2 and up with teacher's approval. This class teaches the discipline and exercises of classical ballet while keeping each class fun and light. Garri Dance Studio's Ballet Syllabus is implemented and dancers will be taught ability appropriate positions, exercises and combinations for the barre and center floor. Beautiful posture, flexibility, strength, and grace are just a few of the wonderful benefits of ballet.

PRE­POINTE/POINTE (pre­teen & up) is a class for the serious ballerina taking multiple ballet classes per week. This class is for the dedicated dancer working towards building the strength to get her pointe shoes or who has been approved as well as completed level 1­4 of the GDS Ballet Syllabus.

HIP HOP (ages 3 & up) is an entertaining class for the dancer that wants to keep it funky and fresh and enjoys a fast paced environment. Contemporary moves to current music will be taught. Classes include stretches, across the floor combinations and choreography. Students are encouraged to channel their own creative expression in this class.

JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY (age 5 & up) are less constricted styles of dance in comparison to ballet but not as free formed as hip hop. Class will include stretches, barre work and center floor combinations. Many genres will be covered.

TAP (age 2 & up) is a stimulating rhythm class for ages 5 & up with teacher's approval. Using Garri Dance Studio's Tap Syllabus, basic to advanced steps including time steps, turns, across the floor, choreography and combinations will be covered. This is an engaging class that promotes rhythm, coordination and concentration.

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