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“Cara loves coming here-truly marvelous environment for dancers of all levels and aspirations.”
- Joan Heverly

“Ms Amanda is a great dance instructor. She works very well with the children”.
- Mary Cannon

“Thank you for caring enough to ask for our thoughts and opinions. Juliette loves dance and piano!”
- Eileen Dube

“We are from Hawaii and emphasize on the ‘Aloha Spirit’. Garri Dance makes my family and I feel right at home. Thank you for that!”
- Darci Say

“Lauren loves coming to dance each Saturday. She loves Ms. Amanda and has fun with her friends.”
- Jenny Griffin

“Garri Dance Studio continues to provide my daughter with a great learning environment. Kayla looks forward to hear ballet class with Ms. Jennifer every Tuesday. Kayla’s enthusiasm about her class is a great reminder of what a wonderful job Ms. Jennifer is doing!”
- Elena Mejia

“Garri Dance Studio has evolved into a caring and developmentally appropriate fine arts facility. Under the carefully managed direction of Megan Baade, Garri Dance will forcibly become one of the premiere studios to attend in southern California.”
- Lara Calvo

“Julia really enjoys working with Ms. Amanda. She gets so excited when she learns something new and can do it correctly. Garri Dance Studio has helped teach Julia to be patient while learning and to believe in herself.”
- Christy Broms

“We have had a wonderful experience at Garri Dance thanks to the instructors and staff. More importantly my daughter loves the whole experience, the teachers and the classes and LOVED the recital so much she wanted it to never end.”
- Danielle Cockrell

“I have been doing hip-hop dance for two weeks now, and loving every bit of it. I like how the staff takes you for who you are, and let you be yourself.”
- Samantha May

“My daughter is now a huge fan of dancing thanks to Miss Sophie and Miss Amanda and Garri. I can’t believe how quickly she learned moves and terms like tendu, arabesque and plie! I’m thrilled.”
- Tamara Evan

We are looking forward to my daughter’s recital. Glad the recital is taking place at the Alex Theater. Staff is wonderful! Keep up the good work!”
- Marina Berberyan

“I think Garri Dance is the best studio in Burbank.”
- Cindy Reyes

“Our daughter loves the experience and teacher. She’s also making good progress for a 5  year old.”
- Mark and Cindi La Camera

“We have had a year full of great experiences. Ella lives to dance and we can’t think of a better place for her to be. Everyone at Garri has been wonderful. We can’t wait for the new session to begin!”
- Joanna Peresie

“Garri Dance Studio has helped my three year old come out of her shell! Thank you so much!”
- Deanna Cato

“The experience Ms. Megan has provided to Ali is excellent, and the New Year will be a great learning experience.”
- Jackie Rodriguez

“My child has made excellent progress in ballet. The teachers are outstanding and Megan Baade always puts children first. Garri Dance isn’t just a studio, it’s a family!”
- Alicia Schacker

“I was very impressed with the recital. I didn’t know my almost tree year old daughter knew all the steps and could be that perfect. It was definitely a proud moment for my whole family. Thanks GDS, it was worth every penny”.
- Tara Hagopian

“My daughter has always been a sports/space kind of girl. I enrolled her in your studio to encourage a bit more “rounding out” and because of your exercises and fun activities, she really does enjoy Amanda’s class. Thank you.”
- Charlotte Chough

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